“I have been Angling since I was a young boy and have seen many changes to the fishing world, with my knowledge as an angler and that of a good engineer puts me in a position to help others with decisions and many different choices and problem solving  along the way.” -Dave Woods- Managing Director
Hello, my name is Dave Woods.  Welcome to our site. I have been  designing and making my own stainless steel and aluminium fishing  tackle for a few years now, not really taking any notice of how  important some of my ideas would be to other carp and coarse  anglers. As time passed friends and then their friends started asking if  I could make tackle to the same standard for them. In fact the  demand has now grown so high that I have created this company for  the sole purpose of selling my branded range of Alloy and top quality  stainless steel fishing tackle called.  Top-Notch Tackle. 
All of the stage stands we produce whether they are made from stainless steel or from aluminium are machined using CNC computer technology to ensure a very high quality finish and tolerance.
These are all turned from a solid bar or billet  and any anodising needed on the Aluminium stands is plated by a top local company with many years experience to a very high standard.  
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